Looking to renew your DL or apply for a new one? Here are some instructions to ensure an easy a process as possible. Kindly note that while a renewal as on 18/7/2018  is still possible via ecitizen, To replace a defaced DL or get a new DL, you have to do so via TIMS by NTSA. This is either accessible via ntsa website. You log onto ntsa.go.ke then look for the Tims logo, click on it 

. Log Ot onto the NTSA TIMS website to create an account: https://tims.ntsa.go.ke/login_csp.jsp

2. Utilize the TIMS user manual to create an account and navigate the website: http://ntsa.go.ke/2016/Downloads/Manuals/tims%20manual.pdf

3. In the event