US Student Visa’s

Education continues to a sought after investment with a number of people, looking to study in the US and Europe among other areas with renowned universities with more labor pool demand as a way to ensure the investment into their education pays off. Others we see continue to use this as a way to defraud unwitting students by promising to connect them with schools abroad, facilitate visas or gauranteed entry into specific schools as a way to gain visa”s into specific nations. Monies are paid upfront and once this is done, excuses are then made regarding a immigration legal process that could not be avoided or controlled. Given the nature of such transactions being illegal or boarderline illegal, reporting of which also implicates the person conned, they mostly go unreported, until someone is caught and given the “time” they have to do and for lienency choose to cooperate and or tell on the co conspirators, by which time it is too late for a number of people who have already been conned. Such is the case with a recent reporting by abc 7 news where allegedly the US feds, created a fake university where they accepted money from various students seeing to study as international students then turned around and put some under removal proceedings after accepting thousands of dollars from these students.

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12 Feb 2019